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Ha ha ha! I found this book to be really amusing because of the included Weekend Planner sections for each project, where she tells you how to break up the tasks over the weekend.This book MUST be intended for people who live alone, or at the very least, dont have small children! I ask you: where am I going to get even 1 hour of uninterrupted time on the weekend (let alone SIX TO SEVEN?!) to work on these projects? And preschoolers aside, I have other weekend commitments, such as spending time with my husband, dog walking, grocery shopping, etc.!She also assumes that you work outside the home and can stop off at the fabric store on your way home. I dont know why the majority of these projects have you starting with going to the fabric store -- dont avid quilters have a ton of fabric already? The energy expenditure of getting out to the fabric store and browsing around (though that sounds lovely) would take up a large chunk of my free weekend time!Here are some gems that made me LOL:* Dont worry if shopping takes you all evening (because no one is at home waiting to eat dinner with you, walk the dog as a family, read to them and kiss them goodnight)* It will take six to seven hours to complete . . . . To me, that means I want to line up three movies in my DVD player. (BWAA HA HA HA HA HAAA!! If only the world worked that way!)* Leisurely make a morning of shopping (yes, it is so leisurely to grab my childs wrist every 2 minutes to keep her from digging through merchandise, not to mention the relaxation that comes with trying to ignore her increasing whining as she gets more and more bored!)* At the rate youre going -- you will have time to be taken out to dinner tonight. (Wellll, yeah, if Im doing all this quilting, I wont be cooking, now will I?)* This might be one of those days that you stay in your jammies and slippers til noon. (Those days are a thing of the past, long shall I cherish their memory and sometimes cry over it!)* Get caught up on your favorite HGTV program while hand-stitching the binding. (First, this is ridiculous because I cannot concentrate on sewing AND watch television at the same time. Second, no time for television. Third, I dont even have a television.)* Its going to be a fun day of shopping and sewing! (Really? Do people actually get to live like this?)*Clear off the entire dining room table to make room to cut your fabrics. (HA HA HA, this task alone would take me 1.5 hours!)*I like to take a weekend morning to sleep in (Yes, yes, sometimes I can sleep in all the way to 7:00am! That extra half-hour is so refreshing.)I just dont understand who has the ability (or desire?) to keep their entire family out of their way and spend the weekend in solitude, feverishly quilting and ignoring everything else. Maybe Im doing something wrong in my life; maybe I SHOULD be able to find time for personal projects on the weekend. Sometimes I do manage to eke out a couple hours PER WEEKEND, and that is amazing and great. But mostly, I have a lot of other things to think about -- and abandoning my husband and child is not usually one of them! Maybe this author assumes there are grandparents standing by to babysit. Ah, that must be nice, but for me each set of parents is 1500 and 3000 miles away.She must assume you live with someone, though, because there are a few references to asking someone for a backrub, and having other people serve themselves muffins for breakfast because youre not cooking, and having brunch with the family.I think the author must be a loner. Shes just making up the family stuff.The ONLY project I think is realistic is her Block of the Weekend mini quilt. Here she says to only make one block per weekend (and start and wrap up) over six weeks. THAT I could do!Also, this book is not for beginners. By chance, I think I already know what basting is (and its not covering your project with turkey drippings, ha ha!) and also now I understand fat quarters. But I had to guess sashing by context (and possibly obese eigths?), and I still dont know what she means by send it out to your machine quilter. Are there people sitting around who make all those quilt lines for you? How could you even FIT those crazy designs on a giant quilt through a sewing machine anyway? Another totally useless instruction is: Quilt as desired. Huh?! And as for batting, I still dont know if it should be cotton or polyester, and what thickness . . . .Her fabric cutting chart was hard to understand. Shes got a column for First Cut and then one for Second Cut, but is that second cut supposed to be done on the fabric piece you just cut first? The measurements dont add up, so there would be a LOT of wasted fabric. Why would I cut a strip first at 42 long if the two strips I want from it are only 13.5? Wouldnt I cut a strip that is 27 long? Same for the batting and backing: why are they cut larger than the quilt top?? You just cut them down to the size of the quilt top anyway!Well, I found this book at the library as inspiration for a quilt for my daughter, but I wont be actually using it. At least it gave me a good laugh!!I do think I will copy out a couple pages of her directions in the back, and the Block of the Weekend and Chinese Lantern quilts. They are definitely not one-weekend affairs, but perhaps when I get better, Ill try making them.

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